Who is BadgerBikes?

Jeff Lauten is BadgerBikes. I am a graduate of United Bicycle Institute's Chromoly Brazing Framebuilding course. For what it matters, I also have a BA in general biology from UC San Diego and an MS in cell and developmental biology from Oregon Health and Sciences University. Go figure.

I live in North Portland in a 101 year old house.  By necessity, I have become a bit of a carpenter. I particularly like doing small creative projects and much prefer them to plumbing and electrical work (which my house usually decides to choose). A while back, I was introduced to Joel Grover at splendid cycles. He needed someone who wanted to build semi custom boxes for his Larry Vs. Harry Bullitt cargo bikes. Now more than 180 boxes later, here I am; BadgerBikes.

If you want a box for your Bullitt, check with Joel or Barb at splendid. They usually have a few in stock. If you have something else in mind or want to spruce up your old dutch bakefiets or "Hack-fiets" , contact me. Your project WILL be fun!

Any comments, complaints? Feel free to contact me


Jeff Lauten

BadgerBikes LLC